Designer Alan Pape
LOD 57ft
LOA 65ft
Draft 7ft
Beam 16ft
Cruising Speed 8 knots
Weight 35 tons
Sail Area 1700sq ft




Fore Mast 57ft, Main Mast 66ft
The masts will be made on site from 100+ year old sitka spruce inported from Alaska with a total weight of 2.7 tons. The wood was sourced by Anderson Paific Forest Products, Vancouver.

The wood in picture is 100+ year old Sitka Spruce imported from Alaska, USA and will be used to make the masts for the Prince Madoc. The wood is flawless in that it has no knots or defects in any of the 38 foot lengths.


The engine is a refurbished Ford 6 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel with 120 hp and the gearbox is a Parsons with a 3 to 1 reduction ratio. The diesel tank has a capacity of 420 gallons and feeds the engine, generator and central heating boiler.

Teak and other woods

The teak is from Burma and was cut to size in Singapore, the total weight of all the teak used will amount to 3.8 tons. Other woods used in the construction of the boat include Maple for the sole, Brazilian Mahogany for the trim and Pine used to make deckhead. The wheel which was an old ships wheel is also made from Brazilian Mahogany. The teak was sourced by Ginnacle Pte. Ltd.
The teak in picture will be used to make the deck and finish the cap rails, amounting to roughly half the total amount of teak that will be used.


The generator is a refurbished Kohlar diesel generator which provides 11.5kw of power to the boat.

Water System

The water tank is located under the guest cabins and can hold 640 gallons of fresh water for drinking, washing and showering. The boat also has 2 water makers from Challenge yachts which each make 26 litres of fresh water per hour.

Dive Compressor

A B&G with a capacity of 8.5 cubic feet per minite. The dive compressor is powered by the engine via a pulley system which is turned on and off through a dog clutch.

Navigation Equipment

Sea.Plath magnetic compass, JRC radar JMA 2254 which has a 48 nautical mile range