Humble begginings in the boatyard in Cardiff

The frames being shaped, welded and primed to prevent rust

The completed frames, 44 pairs in total along with the bulkheads for the various cabins

The 4mm thick steel sheeting being welded to the frames to make the hull

Before and after the steel sheeting is welded up to form the hull

View from the bow before the cockpit is and deck is completed

Captain Dave gives a wave, below him the transom in clear view

View of the cockpit from the aft/poop deck, in the backround the bowsprit making the sharp end of the boat

The completed hull and cockpit after being primed and ready for undercoat

Part of the design process for the trail boards, they will be teak with gold leaf

A starboard view of the hull after a layer of undercoat and sanding to smooth out the bumps

The big lift to get the hull perfectly level in the cradle to start the interior fitting as well as paint the cove and water lines

Starboard view of the hull after more undercoating and sanding

View of the stern and transom from the starboard side after the final stages of undercoating

Preparing the inside of the water tank for the potable paint

The completed water tank below Drews feet, 640 Gallons in total capacity

Captain Dave marks lines on the rough wood to fabricate the bulkhead for the navigation station

The two water separators in the engine room that make up part of the marine cooling systems for both the engine and the generator

A view from the entrance to the engine room, in the backround in white is the 11.5 KVa diesel generator and in front in blue the 6 cylinder diesel engine and prop shaft

The dive compressor which will be powered by the engine via a pulley system

The aft cabin for the crew before any woodwork. The black piping is the exhausts for both the engine and the generator. The grey box is a gearbox for the rod steering system

The port side of the aft cabin during the 'soft' wood work phase. The airconditioning unit is black at the bottom left of the picture, above that will be a seat

The starboard side of the aft cabin, one bunk at the top right and another bunk below on the left

The aft cabin all 4 bunks in view along with the seat placement and airconditioning unit below

The plumbing lines runing underneath the cabins to the heads for the guest cabins

The salt water filter system

The starboard side guest cabin in final stages of rough wood before the decorative ply and teak is installed. On the right are the ply wood strips rivetted to the frames to which the decorative ply will be attached


More coming soon...