The Prince Madoc, a beautiful 65ft stays'l schooner looking for an Investor

My name is Dave Denning. I have been building a 65 ft steel schooner for over a decade now. My original plan was to have an active retirement, sailing the world - chartering when necessary to cover the bills.
I have since discovered that to build what would cost a million pounds is not really feasable on an engineers' wage, let alone on a part time basis. Close before being finished, the project now needs an investment  to ensure that a professional finish is achieved.
I have had young people from all over the world come help, learn and enjoy the build - their reward will be to join as crew at some point in the future.

I have the following two investment proposals to make:
- My first opportunity is to offer up to 4 investors, 4 separate one week vacations each year - sailing, diving, exploring  for 10 years. These vacations are worth over £10,000 per week for exclusive use of the yacht - which will be skippered at all times and could be anywhere in the world.
- My next opportunity is to charter seriously and  offer 30% of charter profits. In the Carribean , the charter fees would be around £13,000 per charter week- that would amount to at least £2,000 per charter. We could comfortably look at least 10 charters per season - more in the future.

The investment amount is open for negotiations. Of course I am open for other investment proposals.

I would like to start in the Med for a year or two make sure the boat, systems  and crew are running well,creww licenses are in order,etc. 
After a chartering season, for the rest of the year I could still sail the world but offer further adventure vacations, wherever the yacht might be, to generate further income.
The boat itself is an Alan Pape design ,built to MCA rules for ocean gping and commercial chartering. Overseen by a reputable yacht surveyor.
It has 2 double, en-suite cabins for guests with 2 more berths for kids.4 berth cabin aft for crew. Central heating, air conditioning, dive compressor and scuba gear, water makers ,generator. Up to date navigation system, auto-pilot, radar, sonar, rubber dinghies and kayak, and a sailing tender for the kids. TV and sound system, chess, monoply and a box of scrabble !!

All negotiable !

Don't forget to check out the crew's blog: Cardiff Schooner


noneThe hull will be cream in colour with a burgundy cove line, the interior and outside deck will be fitted in traditional teak style.

How it all began

The Early Days
The build started 10 years ago on a part-time basis in a lonely corner of a boatyard in Cardiff Bay by future Captain and owner Dave Denning. Six years of hard work passed by until Dave made the decision to retire from his job and take on the build full time in order to speed up progress. Since then a number of multinationals have come to stay with Dave and assist on the build, each one helping in some way to get the boat where it is today. The crew has a blog which can be accessed by clicking on Crews Blog




The Current Days

The build is going along at a brisk pace, the last few weeks have seen the completion of the rough wood work in the aft cabin, the installation of plumbing connecting the heads for the guest cabins and the application of plywood onto the frames throughout the boat in order to attach the decorative plywood at a later stage. The next 2 weeks promises to be very busy as the boat will be moved from its current site by truck around Cardiff Bay to a new site where there is more space for the build. Once on the new site the next 2-3 months should see the building of both masts and the application of the final coats of paint on the hull including the painting of both the water lines and the burgundy cove lines.


noneThe Future

It is planned to have the boat ready for launch at the end of March 2014. Once launched the Prince Madoc will be a charter yacht cruising the various diving sites throughout the Mediterranean and the Carribean.

The Prince Madoc will have an identical sail pattern and masts to the Vixen II, the yacht featured in the photo on the left.